Bára a Karel
svatební místo - Ledeburské zahrady a Šlechtova vila
přípravy Hotel Maxmilian
koordinace - Event Ségry
květiny - Louky květ
 šaty - Vivienne Westwood
- oblek - Delor
snubní prsteny Cartier a Tiffany
make-up - Probuď labuť
hudba - Couple of Sound
dort - Cukrář Skála
catering - Foodway Catering
káva - Be Berry
The whole concept behind this wonderful wedding was sustainability. Given by the professions of the couple (bride: Sustainability Manager, groom: Founder of an enviro-tech start-up) and their core values, they wanted to keep the wedding minimalist, without any single-used decorations and imported flowers that would be thrown away right after the wedding. That’s why, they  were also looking for such locations that were spectacular on its own. Being 4 years in a long-distance relationship across 3 continents (Europe, Asia and Africa), they  wanted to tie the knot in the country of our origine where they  also spent the quarantine together, the Czech Republic. It was a total coincidence when they  discovered the hidden royal garden under the Prague castle during the “Open Door” festival. Even though they  were not engaged at that time, she immediately fell in love with the place and thought of it as an amazing wedding venue. They  wanted their  guests to have an experience attending the  wedding and visit places that are not so public. That’s why, for the reception, they  chose a baroque Šlechta’s villa that was reconstructed just before covid and was never opened to the public. Rented only for a couple of events before, it was true excitement for the guests to visit the venue.

The flowers used for tables and wedding bouquet came from an ecological farm that only grows local flowers. They  went to that  field before the wedding and plucked the flowers that they liked. They both really like purple tones so the fact that the color of the year 2022 is Very Peri was a useful coincidence. That’s why they  tried to choose the  flowers based on violet and purple  tones. They  sent only digital invitations and our menu was printed on a certified recycled paper. What’s more, the name cards were hand written on a growing paper, which is a paper that can be put into a pot or soil and wild herbs will grow out of it. As cherry on top, they  planted 400 trees in order to help offset the wedding impact on the environment. Between the locations, they  recommended all guests to use public transport. At the tram station, there was an electric buggy shuttle ready throughout the whole evening. They, ourselves, used Tesla X to transfer from the ceremony to the location area. Not to waste any food, they agreed with a local food bank to pick-up the remains. Luckily enough, only one box was left uneaten. This way, zero food waste was secured. 

In terms of the fashion, the whole wedding had a black-tie optional dress code. As for the bride and groom, the bride wore a Vivienne Westwood wedding gown that she bought in London. It was a true dream coming true. Not only is the bride a big fan of the brand but the brand ethics is all about environmental activism, which was an important part during the wedding selection process. Not to mention the beauty and haute-couture tailoring of the dress itself. The veil was custom-made, sewed from a dead-stock tulle. The groom wore a tailor-made tuxedo made by a Prague-based tailor. The wedding bends were by Cartier for the groom and by Tiffany for the bride to accompany her engagement ring.
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