Hello! Welcome to my website!
My name is Aneta. I'm photographer based in Prague. My passion is capturing raw moments and love. Besides wedding and family photography I'm focusing on commercial photography and social media.
What you should know about me?
I'm a proud Airbnb experiences host since 2017. More than 1000 people joined my tours since that time. I started with photo tour Instawalk Prague and later on added Pub crawl. Looking forward to open new experiences! Stay tuned!!
Passionate travel and street photographer!
Last few years before the Covid pandemic I spent backpacking around the world. My camera was always with me!
For my travel stories follow my personal instagram @anetaanie.
In loved with raw emotions!
Weddings are my favorite topic to photograph and it's simply because it's a combination of what I love the most: emotions, stories, people and capturing memories that lasts forever.
My documentary style has a little artistic touch. I don't do too many retouches and try to keep everything natural.
My main target is to document everything how it flows. The story is more important than perfection.
I'm always happy to travel. In my wedding portfolio you can find wedding albums from India, Ireland or Germany.
Get in touch!
Aneta Přibová
+420 605 374 621
Instagram @by_anetaanie
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